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PACC floorservice is the Dutch representative of Alphaplan bvba Belgium.


162T016 alphaplan1Alphaplan bvba is a company that is specialized in ultra flat grinding of floors in warehouses, existing as well as new projects.

There the warehouse trucks are developed continuously by making them faster and higher to lift, the demands on the floor flatness is rising. It is no coincidence that a new standard in the pipeline. Achieving super-flat concrete floors in one cycle, the so-called monolithic floors with demands more than the currently applicable standard of DIN 15185, Teil 1, will hardly be feasible or even impossible.


The only choice left for the user will be “ultra-flat grinding of the floor”.



162T016 alphaplan2The choice can be made out of two possibilities, the first is to grind only two tracks and second the total of width of the aisle, depending on the truck and / or at the lowest level of storage.

Alphaplan bvba has two types of machines, the Q-plane with a powerful diesel engine and FloorShaver fully electric powered, depending on the conditions for the "best" results.

As warranty is the end result, the forklift truck can perform at full capacity.

162T016 FloorShaver1FloorShaver

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