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By grinding the concrete with a diamond grinder, you will get a nice flat surface, after polishing with diamond it will get a high gloss with a whole different character than an ordinary concrete floor.

162T016 polijsten2



  • Environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic floor finishers
  • Long lifetime
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Resistant to mechanical stress, welding sparks and oil
  • Concrete does not burn or mould



  • It remains a cementitious product, and therefore less resistant to chemicals.



  • The boundaries of what is possible are limited only by the colour of the cement and the gravel in the concrete, the size of the stones and their position.
  • By influence that elements you can determine the appearance of the floor.
  • Any space that a durable and beautiful floor requires can be polished.
  • From shopping centres, museums, public buildings up to factories, a polished floor brings light and shine on the floor and gives the space a natural look.
  • Old smashed monolithic floors obtained by polishing a new life, coupled with low maintenance, unlike cementitious or synthetic overlays.
  • The concept has immense possibilities.



162T016 onderhoud1The polished floor is completely processed without chemicals. A polished floor cleans easily with a scrubber, pad’s and water are the only cleaning-products needed. By this, environment and personnel are spared.





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