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PACC floorservice specializes in assessing the present level for all types of flooring, from concrete floors in warehouses as well as cementitious floors in housing. The flatness of a floor is important for its functionality, regardless of application, such as floors for warehouses with racks with heights up to 15 ¹ m and more, but also the final finishing that will be placed on top.

The measurements that we provide will rely on the alleged flatness requirement. These can be according to German DIN 18202 (2005) or DIN 15185 (1991) which is mostly used as the international standard, as the Belgian WTCB TV 204 (1997) a national standard or other, but naturally also our own Dutch Standard NEN 2747 (1999).


Flatness can be defined as measured from a plane or through a gap under a straightedge, however both options require a different method.


By measuring the floor with the FloorProfiler the stored data can directly be converted by the certified computer into results, therefore the test results are always 100% reliable ..

By a measurement using the FloorProfiler, we are talking about a continuous measurement, which gives a clear picture of the floor-profile.

Static measurements, such as the Dutch standard NEN 2747:1999, consist of difference in altitude measured out of a horizontal plane. By taking a number of measuring points according to a specified distance you will get several altitudes, witch should be compared by the required flatness class and the related criteria by the standard.


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logo youtube1All measurements results coupled with a conclusion and graphics reproductions are translated into a clear report.


References flatness measurement

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