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ElastoBridge, the shock-and vibration-free joint transition

In many of the existing warehouses and workshops floor interruptions are an extra attack to men and machines caused by shocking and vibrating.

Floor breaks often exists out of two steel angels with between a gap so that different floor parts can move freely.

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Such a joint in the aisle will be experienced by the driver of a truck as an obstacle, an unwanted movement, a possible cause to injury. Already a few years ago the European Union suggested limits for exposure to vibrations in the Gudeline 2002/44/EC. This European Guideline 2002/44/EC is already implemented in the Dutch "Arbobesluit" from 6 July 2005. Out of the Dutch law "de Arbowet" the employer is required to prevent exposure to mechanical vibration as much as possible.


Reducing this vibration must be carried out as close as possible to the source.


ElastoBridge is shock-and vibration-free.
ElastoBridge is a system that is able bridging horizontal and vertical movements.
ElastoBridge is flexible in application.
ElastoBridge is already 1 hour after implementation passable by trucks. 
ElastoBridge can mostly be installed in an operational situation.
ElastoBridge is heavy-duty resistance.
ElastoBridge provides a progressive transition between separated floorparts.
ElastoBridge makes the joint liquid-tight.
ElastoBridge is simple to maintain.


162T016 elastobridge6162T016 elastobridge5

As you can see, from a irritating  obstacle to a transition that is really part of your internal logistic system.


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